Pop-Up Generator

This generator will make a javascript that will pop up a window containing a specified URL and optionally center the popup window for you. Fill in the values below and click Make Code.
What filename should be opened?
(filename or http://....)
Would you like it to have toolbars? Yes
Would you like the window to have scrollbars? Yes
Would you like it to have the location bar? Yes
Would you like it to have a status bar? Yes
Would you like it to have a menu bar? Yes
Would you like it to be resizeable? Yes Yes Yes Yes
How wide would you like it to be? (in pixels)
How high would you like it to be? (in pixels)
How should the window be opened?
Should we center the window on screen? Yes

Add this tool to your website!

Click here to load the popup generator page that you can add to your website. When the page loads, just copy the text area and paste into an html page, and name it to whatever you want the page to be named. Place the page inside your website folder. If you are using a browser that does not allow you to save the page. View Source and copy the HTML code into a blank document (Wordpad or your HTML authoring program) and save the page into your website folder. Make sure you add .html as the file extention.

Load the popup-generator page

After you created you Popup Generator page, you are ready to link your main website page to the generator page you just created and upload your changed pages!


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