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Your Text Link On 23 Sites and Sub Sites Permanently

I will add your text link on 23 sites and sub sites permanently.

I have text link exchanges on some of these sites, all are with iframes, meaning your link will not be in the body of the sites, but in an iframe on 23 sites. Your site being in an iframe is not a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to search engines. Being on 23 sites will get your site more exposure.

You can add your own link to some of these sites but it requires a back link from each of them.

I will add your link without a back link.

I will add your text link of 25 characters only to the 23 sites.

I can have your link added by the next day or within hours depending on time of purchase.

After purchase or before purchase, just send me your text title and url of no more than 25 characters only and spaces count.

I wont send an email telling you your link has been added just come here the next day after purchase, and your link will be added to all sites.

A List Of Sites Your Link Will Go On...

23 Sites

Only: $1.95

Text Link: 25 Characters Only!
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